10,000 MINUTES exists to Invite, Inspire and Equip people to know & follow Jesus all week long.

The VISION of 10,000 MINUTES

There are 10,080 minutes in a week. If 80 minutes are spent in a weekly church gathering, that leaves 10,000 other minutes in the week to not just "Do Church" but to “Be The Church” in the name, power, leadership and authority of Jesus.

What if there was a way to invite the church to stop just doing church and start being the church in the 10,000 MINUTES? What if Jesus is just as present and at work and worthy of our worship/response in the 10,000 MINUTES as He is in our 80 minute gatherings? What if the 80 minute gatherings are merely the launching point for the powerful work of Jesus in the 10,000 MINUTES?

In no way am I diminishing the power of the 80 minute gathering. In fact, that's part of the plan to encourage leaders to use their platform and gatherings as a sending station for the 10,000 MINUTES. I want to partner with the Church (the people) and the institutions that gather the church to lift up the movement of Jesus all week long.

I am simply inviting the world into the movement that Jesus started 2000 years ago! Jesus' revolution is bigger than any religion, stronger than any institution, more covert than human eyes can see, more powerful than the forces of hell and goes way beyond the 80 minute gathering.

As I travel the country, I am both greatly encouraged by the work I see Jesus doing in His Church and deeply grieved by the number of Christians I meet that know all about Jesus but just don't know Him. How many times do we pray, "Jesus be with me/ him/ her today..." as if that is an option for Him.  We've bought the lie! How different would we (the Church) look if we actually lived as though the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead actually lived in and through us ALL WEEK LONG!

There would be little need for “evangelism” classes because it would happen naturally. What if we didn't ask Jesus to come with us into our days, but said, “Jesus where are you at work today, that’s where I want to be!” Help me invite people to simply follow Jesus all week long in the 80 Minutes when we gather and in the 10,000 MINUTES as we scatter in the name, power, leading, and authority of Jesus.

We have BIG PLANS for helping people follow Jesus All Week Long! 

Thank you for partnering with us.

If you'd like more specific information on partnering with 10,000 MINUTES on an ongoing basis and our plans for the future, please email: