If It's Good Enough For Jesus...

A few weeks ago I worked with a small group of people, but it was just that, work. Nothing special, just A to B conversations. And in the monotony of life, we forget that everyone has a story. I know this phrase has become cliche, yet a cliche is a cliche because it’s true. We are all made up of our stories.

In a down moment, I ended up asking a few simple questions trying to get to know these people one on one. The stories that came out were journies of beauty mixed with tragedy and Jesus in the middle of it all. Instantly, there was a stronger connection, an understanding, a patience, a deeper grace toward each other that transcended monotony.

ASK MORE QUESTIONS! That’s what Jesus did in most every conversation He was in. A great way for His followers to love well!

Try it! Who in your world could you love well today?

Pause.    Take a breath.    

EXPERIMENT: Ask people questions around you. LOVE WELL

How’d it go?

LoveTim Timmons3 Comments