Talk Less. Ask More Questions

I’m gonna be honest, yesterday’s 10,000 minute Experiment was not easy. The Experiment was to talk less and ask more questions. How’d you do? I did alright with it, but I found myself internally saying, “...But I have to talk to make them understand.” So then the questions were drown out by my awesomeness!

Ok maybe this Experiment was just for me, and if it was, then we’re gonna keep doing it all week long! For you introverts, this is your dream scenario. You’re welcome! And for you Extroverts and talkers, jump on in with me. The waters warmish :)

So, let’s love others well this week by talking less and asking others more questions. What do you learn about yourself and others? I love you people… thanks for jumping in this with us!

Jesus lead on...

LoveTim Timmons9 Comments