Practice Praying For OTHERS

Last week we practiced asking other people questions and talking less about ourselves. One of you commented saying:

I've found that my prayer time has become so me-centered so this blog about listening and asking questions of others encouraged me to be in more considerate and fervent prayer for those around me. Because we're called to that. Not out of obligation but because we are all a part of the body. Even in the midst of my own intense struggles, me being called into prayer for another and following through, directly involves me into God's big picture and that is always a plus.

Well Catherine you just created our experiment this week!!! This week we are going to practice praying for others. For some of us this is going to be really difficult because talking or hanging with Jesus during your day is not a regular practice. Well, this is gonna be such a fun experiment for all of us!

Praying for ourselves and our needs is such an amazing invitation from Jesus, but this week we are going to focus praying for others. Whether for friends or foes, let’s practice praying for others in our path.

Jesus give us a different set lenses this week to see people like you see them. Thank you that you use prayer to change us and our surroundings!

Ok People Go Practice!

LoveTim Timmons3 Comments