Noah and The Bully

The point of this blog is that we would actually practice these Jesus invitations all week long. And these aren’t just for us but meant to do in community with others. So last week, our family practiced praying for our enemies. If you saw my instagram, then you saw what happened, but the impact on me and my family has been profound.

Noah has been bullied by a boy at school who steals his food and calls him names everyday.

I so wanted to tell Noah to kick his %*# or let me do it:) But NOOOOOO, we just so happened to be practicing this principle of praying for our enemies! So we began to pray for this kid and his family all week. I probably needed it more than even Noah did! I told Noah that when this kid calls you that again and takes your stuff from you, that you need to firmly say “Don’t call me that again and give me my water bottle back please!”

Noah came home later that week and said “Dad I did it!”

Me: You hit him in the face?

Noah: No, when this kid called me names and took my water bottle, I did what you said. Then the kid said “OK?” and gave me my water back.

Success! Even though next time may not turn out so well, because we practiced Jesus’ invitation to pray for our enemy, my family was changed for the better! Parents, practice these with your kids! Jesus was inviting all of us, no matter our age to practically follow Him!

Practice praying for your enemy this week! Pray for their well being…Pray for good!  

How’d it go?