Who You Gonna Call? Who You Gonna Love?

I tried this experiment a few months ago. There is a guy that can give me nothing, help me with nothing, and make me nothing. In fact, he is a true “least of these”.  In my week, I’m fighting for margin and space to do what I feel made to do. I am fighting for time to love my wife, kids, family and close friends well. All while working and getting everything done that needs to get done. I am a bit overwhelmed these days.

So when this guy would call, it was hard to pick up and lean into a conversation. Because life is about ME and what can get out of you...right? YUP, welcome to reality people!

Jesus’ economy is pretty different than mine. He has invited me to love well because He has loved me so well first. He has invited me to let my Kingdom fall so that HIS would be the only one standing at the end of my day.

So, this experiment was for me to reach out to someone that couldn’t get me anywhere, anything or make me someone. Simply love with no strings attached. Not out of pity, but out of a response to the love that I’ve been shown. STRINGLESS LOVE. I just called and set up a lunch...just because. I made it my goal to treat him like he was royalty in Jesus’ eyes.

Come on friends, let’s practice this this week.

As Andy Stanley once said “Do for one person what you wish you could do for everyone in need”. LOVE WELL


(Luke 14:14)