What's Distracting You?

These past few weeks we’ve been practicing dreaming WITH Jesus. We started out just identifying our dreams, then we chose one and practice surrendering the outcomes to Jesus. Now we are going to die to one of our dreams completely! How’s that for a great week way to end the week?

7 years ago Jesus invited me to let go of my dreams of being “Awesome” in everyone elses eyes. To let go of my need to find my identity in what I do. To not let my identity and value be wrapped up in what I do or don’t do.

Jesus “I surrender all! Would you let my Kingdom fall, so that your Kingdom alone would be the only one standing at the end of my day!” This has been the best and scariest prayer I’ve ever prayed, especially at the beginning.

What dream distracts you from following Jesus? This hits a little bit on the whole “Calling” conversation that we will hit on later, but what dream or “calling” is distracting you from your pure and simple devotion to Jesus (2 Cor. 11)?

Remember that our devotion and calling is to JESUS first. Out of that comes His will.

So what’s it gonna be?