Practice Thank You

This week is simple! Seems like a gimme, but it’s way more powerful than that. It’s a week of Thanksgiving (in America), where we practice a heart of gratitude. The very essence of thankfulness necessitates something to be thankful for and someone to be thankful to.

James 1:17 All good gifts are from God.

Luke 17:12-19 The story of the ten lepers healed by Jesus, but only one comes back with thankfulness.

This week as I daily write an “X” on my wrist, I am going to practice saying or journaling things that I am grateful for. All day long, let’s practice thankfulness. Let’s not just do it on Thursday, but all week long. A heart bent towards thankfulness is a game changer for us!!

Practice Thanks all week long...How many times can you say thank you in a day?

I’ll start:  I am soooooo thankful for each of you that are journying with us in this adventure!

LoveTim Timmons4 Comments