What Has A Bigger Hold On You, Than You Have On It?

So a few weeks ago, Hilary and I were in England where I was leading at an incredible men’s conference called Xcel. Brian Houston (Hillsong pastor) was speaking at it and pretty much rocked my world, both on and off the stage. One of the 20 things that I’m wanting to take away from the weekend and practice, was this concept of who’s got the power?

As I look at my life, there are many seasons when something has a bigger hold on me than I have over it. Be it, food, lust, fear, greed, worry, business, the approval of others, things I want, lies about who I am or who I’m not… You know what I’m talking about?

Friends, this week as I daily write the “X” on my wrist, I am going to practice being aware of what has a hold of me. This week we are just going to identify them and in the following weeks we are going to engage them with Jesus!

Write them down in your phone or journal. To go even a little deeper, this week, ask one your closest/safest friends, spouse, etc to answer this for you. What do they see in your life that has a bigger hold on you than you have on it. Don’t get mad at them, but take it as an “opportunity to grow” :)

Jesus reveal these areas that you want to heal in us!!!