10,000 Christmas MINUTES!

There are a gagillian (or a lot of) things that you could be reading right now and you’ve chosen to give me your attention for a few more seconds. Thank you!

Answer these real quick:

- Do you worry or deal with fear? (duh, am I breathing?)

- How many messages and/or devotionals have you heard or done on worry? (a gagillian)

- What does Jesus say about worry? (you don’t have to in my Kingdom)

- So why do you worry? (control, fear, trust issues…)

Friend, it’s pretty simple in the end. We either spend our days practicing Worry or we practice Trust. We know what we should do, but once we leave our 80 minute church gathering, real life hits and doesn’t give up trying to distract us and rend us powerless, joyless, and addicted to fear.

The mission of 10000MINUTES is to Invite, Inspire and Equip the Church to practice following Jesus all week long. It’s starting to happen y’all! Just through the weekly blog alone, we have heard so many stories of people putting these Jesus invitations into practice and how it’s changing their lives!  We started out with about 4,000 readers a week and we are now reaching 10,000+ readers a week in 6 months!

This is just the beginning for 10000MINUTES. In this next season we are gaining traction on a bunch of our Phase 1 Objectives. Doors keep opening up that we did not open or pursue ourselves. Jesus keeps doing it!! This is His deal!

In this next year, we are building a team that will continue to build the 10000MINUTES story. We’re working on unique and creative ways (podcast, radio, a 10000MINUTES app, devotional curriculum, etc) to partner with the Church at large, both as individuals and institutions, to practically yet profoundly help them live out Jesus’ great invitation. At the end of Jesus’ message that He gave on top of a hill (or sermon on the mount), Jesus said, “Whoever hears my words and puts them into action (all week long) is a wise man and whoever doesn’t practice them is a fool.”  That’s 10000MINUTES in a nutshell.

Everything that I’m doing these days is ultimately pointing towards this mission (recording artist career, TimmonsPantryRaid cooking show- which was just picked up by JuceTV, Blog, Podcast, radio devotional spots, curriculum development, etc.). Besides my music artistry, none of these things are self sustaining yet. Key word, YET! So we are asking people to partner with us in this mission.

This next season has no lack of vision, mission and objectives so your continued support is so needed.

If this mission is something that moves you and you want to see this happen through 10000MINUTES, then we’d love to partner with you!


BUSINESS PLAN - To Learn more about the Vision of 10000MINUTES

Thanks for being apart of this thing from the beginning!

Timmons & Team