Christ-MASS Confessions: Are You Wasting Your One And Only Life?

Last week we looked at, what are the things that have a bigger hold on us than we have over them.

There are sadly many things that Jesus and I identified this past week and some I’ve needed to verbally confess. Oh, the beauty and power of friendship!

Most of the things that were identified last week weren’t new discoveries per se, but just places that I have stopped fighting for what’s most beautiful. Things that I’ve just grown numb to. Like: constant iPhone checking, desserts, food portions, taking that second look at a girl that is not my crazy incredible wife…

Not all of these are bad in and of themselves but it’s the power they have over me that I don’t love. This is one of the great arguments for Fasting. We see how much we rely on other things other than God.

Like no other time of the year, this Christmas season is riddled with gluttony of every kind. Things that are tugging for our time, attention, money, and hearts.

Jesus has so much in store for me/us this season and I don’t want to miss out! So, to let other things have a bigger hold on us than Jesus does is a waste of our one and only life.

What would be one thing that you would practice fasting from this week? Every time you are tempted to do that thing, talk to Jesus about something. Thank Him, just enjoy Him, do something for someone or pray for them.

What are you going to fast from this week?