Our First 10,000 MINUTES Are Done

Well the first 10,000 minutes of 10000MINUTES.com is done! Last week, thousands of us dove into this blog together trying to figure out how to practically follow Jesus all week long. What would happen if we started to do more than just saying that we believed and started living it out? Our lives, homes, communities, workplaces, world would be changed for the good!!! We dealt with worry, perspective, control, cancer, etc  all in the context of Jesus and His invitation through these things.

Please go back through and check out any that you missed. Remember, these aren’t in place of a sermon that you hear and then don’t think about again. These are meant to be daily practices. So honored to do this with y’all! Next week is gonna be fun...

May 23 - Tonight I Gave Jesus The Night Off

May 24 - Winter Springs

May 25 - Can Perspective (Donald) Trump Feelings

May 26 - Cast It Like It's Hot

May 27 - “I Got This God…” = Highway To The Dangerzone