Thanks Elsa!

The whole idea of Casting Your Cares upon God is so freeing until you find yourself still holding them the next day or even 5 minutes later. When I was a kid I’d go fishing with my grandpa Bob. He taught me how to “cast” bait into the water and then how to reel it back in. This is indeed an effective tool for catching fish but not for letting go of our worries or fears.

What worries have you been struggling with? Who ever told us to cast our cares on God and then reel them back in? If I’m correct (and I am) then there’s only one invitation that is from the heart of God here. Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you (1Peter5:7). 

Reeling in is nowhere to be found. To steal wisdom from the wise theologian ELSA from frozen (and greatly outta context from the intent of this terrible song) LET IT GO!