Doubt Well

Have you ever gone through major or minor seasons of questioning God? I have...I do…

I get it.

When I was younger and going through a major season of God doubt, my friend and mentor Glenn said a line that changed me forever.

“Tim, if you're gonna doubt, then doubt well.”

He was so right.

Most of us with our doubts just sit and marinate in them and become stuck. I think that's where most people are whether stuck in underlying doubts or stuck in a huge crisis of faith.

The smaller underlying doubts are like little weeds in spring that if unmanaged turn into an out of control garden of doubts that ultimately renders itself useless. I.e.  We were praying hard for something and it didn't happen. “Then why pray” a little voice whispers. Small weed.

Wrestling these out with Jesus and others is essential. He's definitely big enough to handle these questions and hopefully His followers can handle them too!

Thoughts? How's your garden?
SONG: Doubting Thomas by Nickel Creek is one of my favorite songs of theirs.