What If It Works? Making IT

What if it works? I hope it works!

In our new life adventure, I’m traveling all over the country as a “New Recording Artist” performing concerts, leading worship, touring radio stations, etc all with the hope of making it?  I need to feed my family, which is funded by making it, but what does making it actually mean?

My purpose is to influence the church, inviting believers about Jesus to become followers of Jesus through my story. This has been so specifically prescribed by Jesus to Hilary and me that we are clearer than we’ve ever been. Yet where’s the line between telling Jesus what He should do and letting Jesus open the doors that He has for me to walk through in the name of influence for His Kingdom sake?

So for me, is selling a ton of albums, playing bigger venues, having a #1 radio hit a valid sign of making it? Well yes and no. I’m seeing that, defining the “IT” is becoming more and more crucial. For us in this season, the makingIT” is defined by Influencing the church (people) for the Kingdom’s sake, not ours. The daily battle is between building my kingdom and building into Jesus’. What’s my role and what’s Gods? Sure I work my butt off trying to write great songs, recording the best possible versions of them, blogging, traveling all over the place performing powerful concerts, speaking and leading worship, telling my story and keeping the vision I’ve been given at the forefront of everyone involved (label, management, radio gatekeepers, etc). Who’s in charge of the outcome of my hard work? Who’s in charge of the outcome of the “IT”?

Jesus simply says “Follow me. Don’t worry about tomorrow, I know what I’m doing. I bring you the good news of My Kingdom where I am King and you are not but I’m good and always at work in and through your stuff. Do not focus on things that moths and rust will destroy. Focus on me and I will give you rest. I am your treasure that you seek. I am your great reward. I am enough. Because of the love that I have for you and show you, love, love, love your neighbor. Because of the way I have served you, serve each other well. Don’t be like the Pharisees that do all the right religious things on the outside but don’t know me on the inside. Walk with me…Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life that you are striving for. I AM ‘IT’!”

What are you striving after? Who’s in charge of the outcome?


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