Snowballing Fear Turns Into A Glacier

Is this true in your life: as you get older, fears, worries and anxieties seem to compound. Let me explain.

I was talking with a close friend about his growing anxieties. Some we could laugh about and some he could barely utter. Knowing his history and watching the progression of his fears they seem to be compounding like a snowball gaining speed, power, and size. From small fears that are growing into larger fears to larger fears now developing into full on anxiety attacks.

All of us who know worry, have heard people say, or have even told ourselves to just simply stop worrying. “Just Stop it!” And our response outloud or in our hearts has been to say to those people, “well why don’t you just stop being dumb:)”

The majority of us have just accepted the fact that our lives are going to always be filled with fears, worries and anxieties. Then we might as well just roll over and die! I’m not saying…”Just stop it on your own.” I’m saying, what if Jesus has sooooo much more for us? We talk and sing about freedom in Jesus...but what if it’s actually true? We talk and sing about joy in Jesus...but what if it’s actually available?

Let’s get this stuff out in the open and have Jesus deal with these NOW. Write down your fears big and small? Who are the Jesus people that you need to let into this healing process?

Jesus Lead ON.

John 15