The Remembering Challenge "X"

Remembering. When was the last time you remembered that you were breathing? There! You just took another breath. That’s worth celebrating.

Remembering. How many days go by without remembering the nearness of Jesus? This isn’t a shaming question, or a Jesus Juke, but an invitation into a new way of living and breathing.

There are many reasons why I write an “X” on my wrist everyday and one of them is to simply remember whose I am, who I am, and whose kingdom am I seeking all day long. It’s been such a game changer for me to put a practice in my daily routine that helps me intentionally remember Jesus all day long.

People always ask why I don’t just put a tattoo of an “X” on my wrist. #1 I might be too much of a woose and #2 I’d forget about it. The daily routine is my constant reminder, otherwise I’d forget.

So how are you remembering well? Take a scripture or a daily blog (like this one:) and practice it all day long in the presence of Jesus. Find something to use as daily reminder of whose you are, who you are, and whose kingdom you’re seeking all day long! Tell a friend what you’re gonna do and commit to it for a week. Please let me know what you’re gonna use!