Specks & Telephone Poles

Thump, Thump, Boom!

I looked over and saw that a little boy, who was walking with his dad, had dropped his toys in the street. I chuckled to myself at how cute that little guy was and almost made a comment to his dad when the scolding began. The dad started reprimanding his kid about not dropping stuff and being more careful yada yada yada. At first my response was to think, “Wow, dad dude. What a small dumb thing to lay into your 4 year old son about.” But then a mental video of my own parenting deficiencies began to scroll through my head and then made it’s way to my heart.

Number 1: I was so quick to judge the speck in someone else’s eye when the log in my own was more like a telephone pole. I lean into my kids for the dumbest, smallest things. Great parenting has plenty of correction and aiming attached to it, but chastising isn’t helpful or beautiful. Jesus open my eyes to see my kids as you see them and aim them well.

Look for log and speck situations today and repent…”Repent” means to RETHINK YOUR THINKING!

Number 2: Kids should not be allowed to carry toys and act their age:)