“What Do I Do Next?”

Early morning flight. Thick fog. The runway lights are evident for about 100 yards and then they fade into oblivion. How many times have these pilots studied and practiced this very same procedure? Using nothing but experience with the tools and understanding they’ve been given, trust in the person next to them and surrender to the one giving them direction, they take off into the seemingly unknown future. Their ability to see ahead of them only gets them so far.

Ever feel like this? What do I do next? I can’t see the runway ahead of me.

There’s something in this for me today. All of my time spent studying the guide books and practicing trust is not in vain but useful for flight. Bear with each other. To bear means to be a stick holding up the branches that need help. Tim, today who are the people that are bearing your burdens with you and who are you bearing their burdens with?

Train with purpose today so that when the fog comes in, you can know the next right move.