Lessons From Fishing With Satan

Last week I was asked to pray for a girl with panic attacks. First off, I told satan where to stick it... in Jesus’ name of course:) Wow, that guy has a loud bark that throws us right off of the scent of Jesus all the time. He’s always trying to trip us up and lead us into defeat. And again and again we try with our own power to overcome the symptom but forget our most powerful weapon that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

God is at work y’all! He is on the move. We’ve simply to use the one name that saves, heals, protects, forgives, lights up the darkness; JESUS.

Where in your life do you need to pray this prayer:

Oh Jesus make me more aware of your presence today! Light up the dark places where lies hide and fester. Where have I taken the bait that satan has put out there and simply accepted his lure as my meal? Open the eyes of my heart wider and wider so that I can see how much more you have for me!