Week Two Recap of Our 10,000 MINUTES

It all comes down to this: How do we spend our ONE and ONLY life? If Jesus is really alive and well, then do we live our 10000MINUTES like it? These past 2 weeks have been so much fun hearing so many of your stories. Thanks YO.

If you missed any, here’s a summary:

Jesus’ Great Evite - What if we actually accepted and lived out Jesus’ invitations into so much more?

Dumbest Thing Ever (part 1) - There is nothing smart about following the ways of Jesus (according to the values of our culture/even our "christian" culture).

Pro American Christian -I’ve known all about Jesus my whole life but didn’t actually know Him

Control Freak - One of my favorites!

Bob Goff Says The Darndest Things - One of the hundreds of learnings from time spent with my super-hero friend.

Please feel free to share these posts with your peeps if these have been helpful for you! And please let your friends in on how you are practically following Jesus all week long.

See you this next week!



Tim TimmonsComment