Who Are You Breathing Life Into? It's So Simple

About 8 years ago, when I was the worship leader for an amazing church community (Mariners Church - Irvine, Ca), a woman from the weekend prayer team came up to me and rocked my world. I didn’t really know her well at that point, but that didn’t stop her. This is what she said:

Bev: Hi Tim, I’m Bev. I am supposed to start praying consistently for you.

Me: Good? I’ll take any prayers that I can get!

Meanwhile my cancer diagnosis was the main thing that people would come up and pray against (which I loved and still appreciate), but this wasn’t the main thing that she was supposed to pray for.

Bev: Tim, I’m going to start praying WITH you for your music to get out to the world and encourge people towards Jesus.

Me (as I started to tear up): Bev. This could be my favorite prayer that anyones ever prayed for me. I’ve tried to get important people to look at me and my music but have gotten nowhere. I’ve just recently given up working FOR God and want Him to open up doors that He wants to open up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I’m not Bono status or anything, but I am exactly where Jesus wants me today: signed a record deal, songs on worldwide radio, touring all over pointing people to Jesus. Bev was listening to God and acted on His prompting. I want to do that more!

Bev consistently encouraged me just by her presence and encouragements to keep seeking Jesus and to be watchful for what He’s up to.

Let’s be these kind of people today:

Listeners - to Jesus’ promptings

Activators - activating what He’s put right in front of us

Encouragers - speaking life to each other, praying for one another