What's Your Calling?

This past weekend, I was asked a question by an awesome pastor in front of 1000+ people. When he asked it, I balked a little, because my answers aren’t always short nor do they tow the party line well. I try to answer things in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily offend but invites people into so much more.

He said something like, “When were you ‘called’ into ‘music ministry’?”

Me: Ummmm (then something like this). Well, I used to think I understood what the word “Called” meant and the steps to help you find it, but now I’m not so sure. Sure, I know the scriptures that I’m supposed to use for finding this calling, but it may not need to be that hard.

When God called His people to do something, the “calling” seemed to be predicated by them being “called” to Him first. Our “calling” is to God alone (period). I have focused so much on my “calling” in life that I forgot who I was called to. Jesus’ call in Revelation was for His people to not leave/forget their first love. We’re so quick to go and try to work for Him, but yet leave Him behind despite our good intentions. Sure the great commission is a calling for every follower, but what’s it based on? Relationship/Nearness/Intimacy

When we remember that our calling is first and foremost, Jesus, then the what, how, and when seem to work themselves out. 

Today, let’s not focus on what our “calling” is, but on the Caller himself! When we get to know the Caller, then the calling and the fulfillment of it becomes the by product. 


You’re my Revival song. You start where I belong on my knees. When I am weak You’re strong. You meet me here when I’m on my knees.