Ever Been Offended Or Hurt?

Hilary and I had a hard week. Nothing major. Just the underlying feeling that stuff’s not right. Little wounds fester and become irritated. Irritations become infections and next thing you know you’re in need of a doctor. If only we had dealt with things in the beginning then the healing process could have begun and recovery would have been swift.

We are both attempting to follow Jesus as individuals and as a couple. But what’s that look like when you’re hurt? The Way to follow Jesus (according to Jesus who is a pretty good source btw), is to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD and His right ways and He will work things out. What if that’s actually true? Even in pain and hurt.

I am convinced that if you have 2 people who both are seeking Jesus first and His Kingship/Lordship on their own, then as a couple they are unstoppable. But every time our kingdoms/queendoms get in the way/offended/hurt (which leads to anger and resentment) we’re in trouble.

Think about it, in your relationships, when was the last time you were offended or hurt? Whose kingdom/queendom was offended? MINE...Yours. I’m not saying that it’s right for others to do these things to us or even saying not to acknowledge the hurt, but I’m so quick to being offended that i exclude Jesus in the process.

Where is the Kingdom of God? Everywhere The King Is King, There Is The Kingdom of God.

Next time you’re offended...Repent (re-think your thinking about it). Let Jesus be the King in the situation and follow His lead! Try it with us this week~  Then report back!

Matthew 6:33