Expert Follower of Jesus

You know that Malcolm Gladwell idea that, to be an expert or to master a craft or thing, you must spend 10,000 hours on it? Well I like the concept and whether it's exactly 10,000 hours or not he's onto something.

What if we became experts or mastered the craft of following Jesus? This isn't the “we can be perfect conversation (even though Jesus does say just that...another blog altogether)”, but what if we could log X many hours practicing the ways of Jesus. Then when worry comes, we are so quick to give it to God and it doesn't affect us. Or when someone hurts us, we've practiced seeking first the kingdom of God so much that we are no longer offend-able.

What if we train like athletes do. We practice the ways of Jesus, in all circumstances, so that when the stuff hits the fan and it really counts, we start to look more and more like Jesus and react like Jesus. And not out of a religious obligation but because we’ve been so greatly loved by Him and know Him so well.

Find rest today with Jesus. Practice His nearness all day long with me. Write an X on your wrist or wear something on your wrist etc as a reminder. Before we can look like Jesus we need to know Him!

Let us know what you learned today or this week!