The Internet and My Kid…Now It’s Personal

Yup, Noah (7yrs) was looking up stuff on the googles and it happened. You know, super important 7 year old business stuff like checking out “Werewolves” or “AK47’s”. Usually we are vigilant on being with him during the googles search, but this one got away from us. I walked over to check on him and whammo! Good thing we had already had the first installment of the birds and bees and rhino’s talk, because it was all there for him to see.

I started out shaming him as much as I possibly could...JUST KIDDING...I kid, I kid. Actually just the opposite.

Well, with any difficult circumstance comes the opportunity for learning and perspective. My whole goal was to get this stuff out in the open so that this never has to be anything that he has to hide or be ashamed of.

“Buddy, have you seen this stuff before?” I asked him. And sheepishly he answered, “well one time when I was trying to spell Electro Man, and I spelled Elexa…”

Then I chastised him for his spelling...JUST KIDDING...I kid, I kid.  

Not much of a point to this one:) other than, just trying to navigate this stuff well as a man and a dad and always game for thoughts and things that have worked for y’all with your kids?