Who Wants Freedom From Fear This Week?

Linda, the check in nurse at our Oncologist office stopped us after a few minutes of talking and said, “Thank you for smiling. You two are so refreshing to me!”

“Why thank you!” I said. “That’s kind of you. I bet you run into some real characters around here. Are people generally angry and mean?”

Linda stopped, took off her glasses and looked up at us as if to say, get ready, this is profound. “No, not so much angry, just scared. The “C” (cancer) word is one of the scariest words spoken these days.”

Wow Linda. Well said. Well diagnosed. Fear is powerful. Fear seems to be a main root of anger always ready to dismantle Love, Hope, Peace and Joy. We’re not told that we have cancer in the 80 minutes that we gather as the church every week. That stuff comes out in the other 10,000Minutes of our week. So what do you do with your fears? What would Jesus invite you to do with the things that scare you to death?

This week we are going to look at our fears. Please spend a little time today and then all through your day identifying the fears that you walk through your day with. WRITE THEM DOWN in a journal or on your phone. Don’t skip this process!

Jesus, would you help us identify both the obvious and the hidden fears that are stunting us from moving forward.