Is Prayer Hard To Do?

What Is Prayer?

I have people tell me all the time how intimidating prayer is for them. Public prayer or even just intimate conversations with God throw people off to the point that they don’t feel like a good follower or less than. “Everyone else delivers these beautifully elaborate prayers, but i can’t do that” they say.

Mary Oliver is one of my all time favorite poets and I think she nailed it! Thank you Mary for being awesome...I feel like I know you from your work.

Be encouraged:

“Praying” By Mary Oliver


It doesn’t have to be the blue iris,

it could be weeds in a vacant lot,

or a few small stones;

Just pay attention,


Patch a few words together and don’t try

to make them elaborate,

this isn’t a contest

but the doorway

into thanks,

and a silence in which another voice may speak.”

Mary Oliver,