Dumbest Thing Ever II (part deux)

Installment #2 of Jesus’ teachings that are SOOOO contrary to the American Dream and to most everyone seem extremely dumb. If we are followers of Jesus, then these are some of HIS invitations to us. Actually, these are the laws in the Kingdom that we are citizens of; the Kingdom of God.

Don’t invite people who can repay you to your party, invite those who can’t pay you back. Luke 14:12-14

Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. Mark 12:30-31

Put others before yourself. Mark 9:35

I gotta get what’s mine” is the crude version of how I/most of us live our lives. We do it way more covertly and call it pretty things like ambition or drive, yet the motivation is cloudy.

Remember, in the Kingdom of God the Law of the land is LOVE. Once we know and understand the daily grace we walk in and the love that God has for us, these things just begin to happen. THIS IS NOT A TO DO LIST. These are a WHO I AM BECOMING LIST as I hang out with Jesus all day long!

Ok in your responses, I don’t want to hear about how great we are at these, I would love to hear which invitation from Jesus is hard and why!