Dear Soul (part I) Calamity’s Back

I had a woman I’ve known for a few years come up to me today and tell me among other things, that she is homeless. I would’ve never guessed this about her. She has places to stay but has been without a home for a year now. But in our conversation, I saw a joy that is unmistakable. She was thanking me for how Jesus uses my songs to help her through her days and all I could think is “THANK YOU” for being so broken that Jesus can actually shine through. When she talked about Jesus she teared up.  Jesus was/ is her everything.

I guarantee that this joy would not be as evident in her a few years back. There was too much of her Queendom blocking the way. Friends, sorrow and calamity are part of Life. We need to stop worrying about them as life suckers and see them as opportunities to become beautiful. I am not saying that being homeless is awesome and that all sorrow is awesome. I am simply saying that “shtuff happens” in and out of our control and it’s how we deal with it that matters.

When we let God do His work in and through us, in the midst of it all, we always win.


Dear Soul,

Remember, God is always at work and usually does His best work in our worst moments. Don’t celebrate tragedy, but welcome growth and maturity which always brings greater JOY!