What’s Your Definition Of JOY?

Being Joyful is NOT the same thing as being happy.  If this is a new concept to you, keep reading. If this is a concept that you already know, please keep reading. Whether it was taught or just caught, I grew up with this idea that when we talk about Joy, we are talking about being happy. Joy equals smiles. Every song we’d sing would have a big smile attached to it. Everytime we’d ask each other how we were in a “church” context, smiles would frame our happy replies.

Again, Joy is outside of circumstance. Happiness is circumstancial. Sadness and sorrow are also circumstancial. So then, what is a correct definition of Joy?

As I’ve been experimenting with practicing Jesus’ invitations, I’ve found a Joy that transcends the good or bad news of my day. JOY=JESUS. “Ok Tim, I’m so glad for you (not really), but that’s not my reality. My joy ebbs and flows with the tide, otherwise known as life.”  Well, I completely understand, because that was my life for 33 years. This is a soul sucking reality.

Now, let me be clear. Daily my Joy is challenged. Crap happens and I go inward. “Tim, you’ve gotta take this thing over because Jesus is obviously on vacation.” So what do I do?  I unplug from my connection with Jesus and take over (John 15). I simply forget that He is GOD, I am not and that He is at work in ALL things.

The new me, the guy that has strived for constant joy all my life but failed, finally has more joy then he has ever known. When my Joy is challenged, I am getting pretty quick at living in Jesus’ invitation. ABIDE in me...REST in me...HOPE in me...TRUST in me...WALK with me and you will know Joy. JESUS=JOY

So last week when we shared our Joy Suckers, how much of those were tied to circumstance? At what point did you unattach from Jesus and take over?

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