Can You Muster Up Joy?

We were talking with an amazing friend who is sadly in a season of Joylessness. She said how she wants to be more present with God, herself, her kids and others and then muster up Joy as she starts her day.  How many of us have known this cry or know it intimately today? So what’s our role?

In that conversation, it hit me:

-Being present is our job, and Joy is God’s job.

-Joy is an actual fruit of the Spirit of God. Joy is not able to be self manufactured, but it’s grown by the acknowledged presence and goodness of God all day long.

Being present: throughout the Bible the invitations are everywhere for us to be present with God. This week we are going to focus and practice being present with God. There is an overflow of Joy waiting for us (John 15).

The outcome of what we want is Joy, but in and of itself, Joy is not the intended pursuit. Jesus is the intended pursuit. Jesus=Joy. Let’s just pursue being present with Jesus today. Remember, in Him there is Joy OVERFLOWING. Practice being with Him in every situation today. 

(helpful hint) Find something or someway of reminding yourself all day long. Ie. writing an X on your wrist, rubber band around your wrist etc...

JoyTim Timmons6 Comments