Has JOY Been Hard To Find?

JOY. Many people get a shot of it but not many have the constant flow. It’s not as cryptic as I’ve seem to make it. Joy is found from being attached to Jesus. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches (John 15). He provides it on constant drip when we are attached. But as we come unattached, Joy loses its connection.

Joy is found from being attached to Jesus all day long. The more that we have been practicing the presence of Jesus in our everyday life, the more Joy is welling up. For the first time in my life, I have more Joy than I know what to do with! That is a crazy statement...I used to hate people that’d say stuff like that, because I was working sooooo hard to get it/make it and I was empty and still tired.

Joy isn’t that hard to find. JOY is found in Jesus all day long. Joy is a perk for all living in the Kingdom of God and letting Him be the King. Joy is stable when everything else around us isn’t.

Joy is the water provided by the Kingdom of God to it’s citizens!

This is why, when Jesus talks about the “Good news”, He doesn’t mention the cross, but ALWAYS refers to the good news of the availability of the KINGDOM OF GOD. Jesus’ work on the cross was and is AMAZING indeed, and yet not His point (according to Him). The cross was the means to the entrance of His Kingdom. It meant salvation, or a way through. But a way through to what?

A way through to the good news: the Kingdom Of God where Joy is free for all who dwell there!

Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added…….ie. JOY!

Today let’s wear different glasses. Let’s ask Jesus for a different set of lenses so that we can see His Kingdom at work everywhere...at work, school, home, while driving, in arguments, etc.

Remember, the KINGDOM IS: everywhere the King is hailed/seen as/obeyed as King, there is the Kingdom.

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