If We Believe It, Are We Living It Out?

I love “I Believe”/ Harvest Crusade gatherings. My mom and her whole family started following Jesus at a Billy Graham event, so I am So, So, So grateful for these moments. AND, there is a potential danger in the transactional one-time statement of faith.

As a kid, I grew up watching these moments thinking to myself, “How cool! All of these people are gonna be in our club now! Once you’re in, you’re in. A few quick words in an emotional moment and we’re all good!” Yes, Yes and Yes. Please hear me once again (so you don’t need to verbally beat me up), I love the moments when people say yes to Jesus. I guess, the question is, what are we saying yes to?

Every morning we have a choice. Really, every moment we have a decision. This is not necessarily an issue of losing our “salvation”, but it is an issue of being a full blown citizen of the Kingdom of God. To be a citizen is to follow the King and in-trust your life to Him (if he is a good king that is). Every moment is an opportunity to live out our “I believe” declaration.

Jesus rarely used the word “Believe” (almost only in the book of John), but when He did, it meant: To be found living as though it’s true.

Do you believe in Jesus? Ok, what does that mean? What does that look like? Is that on sunday mornings or all week long? Please don’t comment with a creed. This is not an invitation for us to spout our beliefs, but to assess where in our lives we are living out the reality of Jesus and where we aren’t.

This week our experiment is to simply stay aware of Jesus all day long. Do whatever you have to do to remember Jesus all day long.

If we believe it, are we living it out?  Grace, Power, Patience, Kindness, Service...

Jesus open our eyes today!