This Week Hilary And I Wept

This week Hilary and I wept. One of our kids is particularly hard to parent and has been the topic of many, many, many tears, prayers, and world war 3 battles in our home. This kid is really amazing in so many ways, but lives out of a place of fear. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Can I get an amen?

Anywho, while Hilary and I were on a hot date night, our babysitter and kids went out to dinner (btw, that was an expensive night :). Some random lady walked up to my kid and showered them with not only affirmations, but ultimately a blessing. She spoke truth into my kid. Affirmations are powerful indeed, but a blessing can be life altering. She spoke words that Hilary and I pray for this kid all the time. She called them a leader, who was going to lead with compassion and service, and went on and on.

Hilary and I lost it when we heard my kids sharing about this experience. She said that she was a follower of Jesus and that He wanted my kid to hear these things. This made me start to ask Jesus to give me words of blessings for others.

Let’s start praying for this! Please keep affirming people and look for ways to love people well. AND let’s ask Jesus to help us Bless other people we know or even people we might not know! If it’s right, then it won’t be creepy. It’ll be powerful.

Look for ways to bless people this week. Start now!

BlessingTim Timmons13 Comments