“Blessing”... Dry Heaves or Game Changer

#Blessing is one of those super-cheezy-christianeze words that can give the dry heaves or it can be a game changer. I’ve seen it done both ways and I much prefer the latter!

Who has spoken a “Blessing” over you?

There are a few words for “Blessing” in the Greek. One of those is Makarios which carries the meaning of contentedness and fulfillment in God (Matthew 5 and Luke 6).

The other word is Eulogeo, where we get the word “eulogy,” which means the speaking well of one who has passed away. Well, Eulogeo is actually a little bigger than that. It’s focus is on good words over someone.

So with these two understandings, ultimately, when we speak a blessing over someone this week, we are speaking good words of contentment and fulfillment in God. It is a hope, a wish, a prayer for someone to walk in the favor of God, fully restored, fully loved, fully empowered by the nearness and goodness of God.

This week look for people to speak goodness and God into. Not just kind words but blessings of hope and well being in the power of Jesus. Tomorrow we are talking about the blessing of Shalom...very powerful!

No need to get all religious speak on people, just love them well with a blessing. Speak good over people today! That woman that blessed my kid (see yesterday’s post), didn’t get all Holy and weird on them, but declared good over them with a future and a hope!

Ok, Jesus lead us to the people who we are to encourage with blessings today.

How’d it go?

BlessingTim Timmons12 Comments