Have You Ever Been Shaloming?

Just like we greet people with “Hello, Hey, Sup Y’all”, the Jewish people have used the word “SHALOM” for thousands of years.  The problem is, Shalom isn’t just a greeting, but it’s a way of wishing/hoping/praying the other person the many blessings of Shalom which include: peace, prosperity, good health, fulfillment, well-being, and so on.

What if we blessed people like this today? Whether we say Shalom to people or not, what if our posture was to bless not curse, speak good over instead of speaking empty nothings. This is a beautiful notion and practice with the people that we love and are close to us and with the people who are our enemies (1 Peter 3:9). So LET’S DO IT!

Speak and pray Shalom to all you meet this week.

Remember, we are either found practicing Jesus’ invitations or not. We either practice Blessing others this week or we practice silence, or we practice cursing others.

How’d practicing Shaloming go? BTW, “Shaloming” is a new word that just came to me!

Come one peeps, encourage us with your stories of success and “failures” this week! Comments...

BlessingTim Timmons4 Comments