Who I Am Family Blog Series - Week 5

Walk & talk with Jesus all day long

When was the last time that you had to figure out where you were walking with no light? My mind is flooding with different experiences as recent as this morning stumbling around my living room trying to be quiet. Sure enough, no joke (and yes I understand how cliche this is), I stepped on a lego ship. Yup, I said some strong words deep in my heart. Or the times when my friends thought it was funny to turn the public restroom light off while I was otherwise busy and stuck, let’s just say, in an awkward position. Or the time when we went camping and our one trusty flashlight died in the middle of our night hike.

Jesus said that He will be with us to the very end of the age. He will never leave us or forsake (divorce Himself from) us. What if He actually meant NEVER? I love that Jesus uses the metaphor of Himself as the Light to the world. Think about it. Jesus is the Light that guides us through it all. And to top that amazing light metaphor off, Jesus constantly uses the invitation for us to FOLLOW Him. We get to follow Him through the dark because He IS the Light. Jesus is not supposed to follow us around like a panting dog, He is the King who lights up the way through it all. This is such great news (the Gospel)!

What would it look like for us to be more aware of where He is walking and working in our everyday life? Most of us are pretty much walking around in the dark on what our next move is in life; with relational issues; we are stuck by our fear of the dark.

If we say we believe this about Jesus, why do we not live like it’s true? For me, I’m too busy trying to figure it out on my own and ultimately don’t trust that Jesus has it covered. So I don’t talk to Him about it and I’m surely not in tune or aware of the path He is lighting up for me. So this week’s practice is on walking and talking with Him all day long.

10000 MINUTE practices:

  1. Walk & talk with Jesus all day long. Literally talk to Him like He’s next to you in your car. Talk with Him about what you’re doing all day, whether aloud or internally. And at night, be aware of how helpful light is.

  2. FAMILY PRACTICE:  Teach your kids the power of light in a dark room. Explain Jesus as the light to our path.

-FUN IDEA...Set up a Scavenger Hunt.  As a family, walk around your house with no lights on for a short amount of time trying to find the treasures. Then one adult turns on one small flashlight (iphone light). Then have everyone practice following that light around the house. Shine your light on a few of the treasure locations. Point being that when they follow the Jesus, the light, He knows where He’s going!

Then pass out lights for everyone to use on their own to find the rest of the hidden treasures! All while playing this song in the background:) LINK

I Will Follow You


It’s hard to walk when I can’t see

But not when you’re in front of me

When I’m afraid I’m not alone

Cuz in my heart you’ve made a home


Nothing can separate your love


I’m with you

Everywhere you go Lord I will follow You

Even in dark night you are shining through

You have proved  

You will never leave me

You will go before me

Jesus I will follow You


All Your promises You keep

Like you will meet my every need

So I will trust when I can’t see

Cuz the more I’m with You, the more I believe