Who Calls You Out?

I’ll never forget the night I asked Hilary, my incredibly discerning wife, a dangerously revealing question. The group of guys that I had been consistently meeting with were laser focused on helping each other learn and grow into our true identities in Jesus. Who are we really? Who does God say we are? How does He see us? These were not new concepts for me in theory, but like most things, the longer you live and the deeper you dive, you find that there’s so much more.

I knew the theology and Bible verses to back this identity stuff up, but I hadn’t really put it into practice. We started talking about the disconnect between what we believed to be true about ourselves and about God, and then how we actually live in spite of our knowledge. We can claim the truth of these Scriptures all day long, but until we get down to the core lies that so easily entangle us, we won’t find the freedom we’ve been given in Jesus.

As we talked about the things we’d believed about ourselves and about God, it was so apparent that there were some lies that were overt and some that were hidden. As you get to know someone pretty well, or even only after a few minutes, you can see things they do that are based on lies they believe about themselves. For example, when someone is really loud and posturing for attention in a room or when you see a kid trying too hard to be cool these things all reveal something about heart condition.

I went home one night after hanging with the guys and told Hilary about the lies that I could see that I believed. In that moment I had the crazy idea of asking her, “What lies do you see that I believe?” She was quick to reply, “You think that you’re dumb. Everytime you drop something or do something incorrectly, you are so hard on yourself and call yourself dumb or stupid…”

We had an amazing conversation that night that led to her speaking truth into me. So much so that I am rarely tripped up by that lie these days. All it took was some humility on my part and a safe and trusted voice that walked with me through it.

With humility, ask a trusted person, what lies they see you believe about yourself and God? When we put Satan’s whispers and lies up to the Light of Jesus, they are exposed and we can find healing! We were designed to do this with others, so lean in with us this week!

10000MINUTES Practice:

Ask a safe and trusted person what lies they see you believing about yourself, God or both. Then replace it with how God sees you...Practice Truth!

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