How are you at BEing?

Wherever you are, BE there WITH Jesus.Last year I couldn’t shake the word WITH. And if you’ve been journeying with us for awhile, you might be tired of me capitalizing that word:) Well, get ready, BEcause this year we are going to BE capitalizing the word BE (ok I’ll try not to BE that annoying, BElieve me, it’s gonna be hard:)

Wherever you are, BE there WITH Jesus. The very practice of BEing, is so profoundly simple and yet so unexpectedly difficult. Maybe you are one of the “Enlightened” ones, but my guess is that at some level, BEing present WITH God, Yourself, and others is not the natural rhythm of your day. When was the last time that you just were? BEing fully present is perhaps one of the most powerful and difficult practices that I know of. If you have this nailed, then please wait till this series is over then rejoin :) .

These days, the “New Age” movements get credit for Jesus principles, and it’s time we reclaim them. 

  • Don’t worry about tomorrow...BE present WITH God today

  • Stay attached/ present WITH the vine

  • “Seek first the Kingdom of God...” realigned to, BE present WITH the heart and rhythms of the Kingdom of God

  • Jesus mourning / weeping / BEing present WITH His friends when Lazarus died

  • Jesus spending alone time WITH God

  • When Jesus would just start praying outloud, realigning His heart and will to the Father’s

  • Even on the cross, Jesus was present WITH God, present WITH Himself, thoughts and emotions, and He was present WITH others (guards, the thief next to Him)

  • “I will BE WITH you till the very end of the age.” That’s a pretty strong BEing statement

  • “Pray WITHout ceasing...”

Can you think of others Bible references where BEing present WITH God, self and others was practiced or invited?

In this next season, we are not going to just learn about BEing, we have the invitation to practice it all day long. Remember, that was Jesus’ point when He said “Whoever hears my words and puts them into practice (all week long) is wise and if you don’t, you’re loved no matter what, but it’s just foolish.”

When are you most present?


Let’s practice BEing present this week. NO adgenda, no system needed. JUST BE...

Wherever you are, BE THERE WITH Jesus.