Co-Struggling WITH Jesus Today

Last week we asked the question, “What can be learned from BEing in the struggle WITH Jesus?” There were a few challenging moments last week for me that, when I was aware of who I was in the struggle WITH, it changed the air in the room. The problems were still there, but the energy in the room was different. My energy was different.

There was a parenting moment where my normal mode of operation would’ve been to squelch and come down hard on the behavior. I literally saw the “X” I write daily on my wrist, as a reminder to put Jesus into practice, and chose to simply BE in it WITH Jesus. To CO-parent, if you will, and see what I could learn. GAME CHANGER!

One of my learnings was BEcoming aware of what drives a lot of my life. It’s terribly subversive, and has permeated the very air that we breathe without us even being aware of it. Freakin FEAR. It’s so obvious when we take it out of the moment and analyze the situation in hindsight.

In that moment as a parent, I could’ve chosen to parent in LOVE or in FEAR. Because, I was aware of BEing WITH Jesus all day, His heart overflowed into my struggle and I chose LOVE. It was the natural response of BEing WITH Jesus, walking in step WITH the Spirit of God, remaining attached (abiding) WITH Jesus… My response became the fruit of His Spirit in and through me. I found that Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Goodness, Self Control, Generosity were so readily displayed in my actions and response. These words are NEVER easy to live out on my own. And many times this past week, when I forgot my truest identity in Jesus, I readily displayed the opposites to each of these words. And with NO Shame or condemnation for myself (because Jesus sure doesn’t shame me or condemn me), I will simply learn from this and move forward WITH Him.

What struggles are you going through right now? What struggle will move you to respond out of fear or out of love this week? The more that we practice simply BEing WITH Jesus all day long, talking WITH Him, thanking Him, resting WITH Him, struggling WITH Him, we will find that our hearts are aligned WITH His.

10000 MINUTES Practice:

Co-work, Co-parent, Co-relate, Co-create, Co-struggle, Co-play, Co-rest, Co-love WITH Jesus today!