What's Preventing Your Abundant Life?

My friend and pastor Jamie George (journeytn.com) asked us a few questions a few weeks ago that I can’t seem to shake.

1. What is preventing you from living a full and abundant life?

2. What low standard have you tolerated?

3. What would it be like to stop trying to change yourself and simply become yourself?

Are these not amazing questions or what! Ok Week 1:

Jesus tells us this:

The thief (Satan/ Evil/ Kingdom of darkness/ Father of Lies: fear, shame, condemnation, etc.) comes only to steal, kill and destroy;

I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full/ abundance. John 10:10

Soooooo...What is preventing you from living a full & abundant life? ...from living into the FULLNESS OF GOD that already lives inside you… from awakening to our true identity in Jesus all day long no matter the circumstance!

Think about it...

I’d venture to say that all of our answers are going to be rooted in some form of fear. Which one of these main fear categories resonates most true for you?

  • Lack of Comfort (pain, scarcity)

  • Lack of Control (power)

  • Lack of Approval (love)

Like me, you can probably identify with them all, but for now, let’s just choose one that stands out. If Jesus is inviting us into an abundant full life and the devil’s goal is to pull our attention away through fear, then what’s he using to steal from you, something that is already available for you...an abundant life.

We may cognitively believe this to be true about the “Thief”, but I’m not sure many of us live like it’s true.

This week I want to practice being aware of the issues and circumstances that are used to rob my joy.

→  Then go another level deeper and find the root fear.

→ And then ask the most pressing question: “So what does this reveal about what I actually believe to be true of God?”

This may be a good week to journal some thoughts surrounding this stuff!

10000 MINUTES Practice:

Simply be AWARE & IDENTIFY the issues & circumstances the Thief uses to rob your joy.


→ ANSWER “What does this reveal about what I believe about God”

→ Stay ATTACHED TO JESUS (the Vine for growth, nutrients, care, power, FULLNESS)