Today I Gave Jesus The Day Off

The other day I lived a joyless existence. Every possible thing that could go wrong, went wrong. Kids happened! Need I say more? Every mess, spill, fight, hurt feeling, complaint about the food that I had just spent an hour on...yup, even the Ikea chair that I assembled as a gift for Hilary sat crooked after an hour of putting it together then taking it apart then putting it back together again. OK, OK first world problems. I totally agree and now, with a little space from the night, I can kind of laugh about it. Kind of :)

What went wrong? Well besides everything, nothing :) But really, what went wrong was that my soul forgot about JOY. Not my happiness but my joy. Happiness is as fleeting as an open bag of peanut M&M’s in my house, here for a second then gone. But this gift of Joy that Jesus has invited all of us into can be a permanent state of being. And I have experienced it more and more these past few years as I’ve been trying to simply hang out with Jesus all day long. Because He has been my constant companion (practicing the presence of Jesus), I have known a joy that is beyond anything that I’ve ever experienced.

Not tonight. Tonight I gave Jesus the night off! “I got this Jesus.” Them are dangerous words. I’m reminded of that verse I use in most of my concerts: With man it is impossible, but not with God. For with God, all things are possible.” Mark 10:27

My kingdom was threatened all night and king Tim was not happy about it. Lesson learned. So tomorrow I will wake up, write an X on my wrist that will remind me to seek first the Kingdom of God all day long. Jesus, where are you at work today in the things that go my way and in the things that don’t? I want to join you today, Jesus.

This is a daily, if not a minute by minute decision. Will we be found living as followers of Jesus tomorrow? JESUS LEAD ON!