What’s Jesus Doing Today? Join Him...

Who do YOU say I Am?...JESUS

That was essentially Jesus’ question to Peter and His disciples in Mark 8:29, Matthew 16:15. We’ve been working through this question for a month now and it’s been pretty challenging for a lot of us! Like last week’s invitation, practicing FREE-VALUATING people you meet and asking Jesus to see them through His eyes. So powerful! Check it out if you missed it.

Even though you’ve heard this next idea from me many times, it still seems to slip in everywhere I go. It’s the dangerously common prayer and heart posture of:

“Jesus would you be with me today…?”

It’s the prayer that I’ve prayed most of my life until I heard my daughter Malia pray it. It startled me. If she continued with this way of thinking, she would grow up pleading for Jesus to be with her as if He was distant, absent and with-holding. His nearness was contingent upon her asking and potentially upon her actions. Ultimately, trusting God’s heart and nearness was a gamble with 50/50 odds at best.

What if He is always near? How different would our day be if we asked Jesus to show us where He is working and join Him there?

This is NOT permission to start calling people out on how often they pray this prayer out loud, but an invitation to look inside our own hearts. If this is a common prayer of yours, then with NO SHAME added, I have a question. What does this prayer say about what you believe to be true about God? And for some of us who have removed this prayer from our prayer vocabulary, has it snuck into the posture of our hearts even though we aren’t saying “the phrase”?

When our lips or our hearts use this prayer, “Jesus be with me/her/him/us/them today”, we are essentially answering Jesus’ question, “Who do you say that I am?” Think about it...in a shame-free zone:

  • When you relate to God, how far off is He?

  • How consistent is He?

  • Is His nearness contingent upon anything?

10000 MINUTES Practice:


Ask Him to open your eyes this week to see where and what He’s doing and join Him in it!

PS...this is why I wrote the song EVERYWHERE I GO