Where Are You STUCK In Life?


In what area of your life do you feel stuck?

We are starting a new series that will reveal and unearth the Fruit of the Spirit of God in us. This is gonna be good!

I’m reading a powerful book from some of my friends and heroes Alan & Gem Fadling called, “What Does Your Soul Love.” This is so well said:

When it comes to Jesus’ strategy for changing the world, he began with a simple focus on the human heart. He did not set out primarily to change the way people behave. He knew that without a change in the heart producing those behaviors, any outward change would be short-lived.

How true is that?! How many times have we just sought after changing our behaviors and failed in the long term? Or, how many times have we tried to change other's behaviors without really tending to their hearts (ie, kids, parents, spouses, ex’s, relationships, etc)?

SIMPLY PUT...it rarely works. 

Who doesn’t want more Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self Control, Generosity, etc in their lives?

Somewhere along the way, at least for me, these characteristics became something to attain by grit and sheer will power. Which translates into a form of behavior modification instead of true heart change. They would last for a short time but, when I got negatively triggered, I would quickly resort back to what my sinful nature, flesh, ego have always done and then shame would come in for the steal. 

This is NOT Jesus’ invitation. It’s a form of hell on earth. It’s a Godless existence. I know it well.

Jesus has more for us. JOIN us for this series on how to walk with the fruit of His Spirit, not the fruit of our willpower and hard work.

Next week we will begin with Love, but this week I’d love for us to just start with Awareness.

Let’s practice being aware of when and where in our lives we are stuck? Personal struggle or a relationship? Spend a few minutes if possible and journal.

10000 MINUTES Practice

Whose power are you using today? Practice curiosity & awareness, not shame! Are you coping using the fruit of your labor or from the Spirit of GOD?

This week let’s be aware of our coping methods in life. No need to even change anything this week, just simply practice awareness. 

What are you doing to change that on a behavior modification level? 

PS. we will be getting real practical next week, but this week is practicing awareness:)