Are You Easily Offended?

I hesitate writing this post for fear of coming across arrogant or boastful, but this is honestly how this ‘following Jesus all week long journey’ is producing joy no matter the circumstances in me.

So last week I had an opportunity to put all of this ‘living and eating at Jesus’ table all day long’ (Luke 14) into practice. As many of you know, I had a pretty major part in co-writing a song called EVEN IF, by MERCYME. The song blew up and has been wildly successful in many ways, most importantly helping people sing a powerful prayer in the midst of major trials. We (Bart Millard, Crystal Lewis, Ben Glover, and I) the songwriters were up for another award for this song this past week and ended up winning.

When Malia, my oldest daughter (11), and I got to this event, a few of my close friends who know my journey with this song, asked me why I wasn’t singing it live that night. That was the first time I had heard of it even happening. Ben Glover ended up singing it and killed it. He even came up to me saying, “Man, you should be singing this tonight.” This was my first opportunity to eat at Jesus’ table or eat the fear of what others think from off the floor. When I am focused on hanging WITH Jesus and getting my fill, identity and worth from Him, everything else loses its power. Because I had been writing I BELONG on my wrist and practicing this with you people, the moment of ‘injustice’ was dispelled by joy in whose I am and who I belong to.

Next, when the song was done, and EVEN IF got the award for song of the year, my name wasn’t mentioned. And to add insult to injury, my name isn’t even on the heavy plaque as a songwriter. Once again, my amazing friends around me looked at me with the non verbal message of, “Oh Timmons, you were sorry...that deserve this to be made right…”

Friends, I am so thankful that we have been practicing Jesus principles together, because I’m becoming more joy-filled and less offendable! Because of these last few weeks of eating at and focusing on Jesus’ table, practicing where my identity and joy are found, I was quicker to stay in the flow of being content. In each ‘offense’ to my kingdom/pride/ego there was a moment of fear/hurt, but then a shot of love/perspective opened my view.

I BELONG at Jesus’ table where the food is: peace, love, acceptance, rest, hope, enough, wholeness, security, power, no condemnation/shame, wisdom, perspective, relationship, healing, humility (a right view of one’s self), freedom, and uncommonly sustained joy.

Think of a time you could/should have been recognized (from an earthly perspective) for something and weren’t. How did you respond? How could your response have been different with this kingdom perspective?

As a mom/dad, you do a million things that you don’t get your due recognition for; at work; at school; with friends; etc…

10000MINUTES Practice:

Be aware of whose table you’re eating from and who you’re focusing on this week. Especially when and where you’ve been wronged/offended/hurt!

FOCUS on who Jesus says you are and breathe this prayer all week long:

Breathe in: I AM LOVED

Breathe out: I BELONG

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