At my funeral, this will be mentioned...


Whenever my friends impersonate me / make fun of me :), they will usually poke fun at a common phrase that I say. I’m not hurt by it or them...these past years of therapy for my self esteem have really paid off, J slash K. It’s actually more powerful than a phrase; it’s a question that demands that we address it. I love that I am known for this question, and that it has been memorable enough for others to repeat back to me!

Here it is:

Why are bald men always smarter and better looking? Ok, maybe that wasn’t the question…but it is a valid one. 

Here is the question that has revolutionized my awareness of Jesus and His Kingdom:

What If It’s True?

The word “It’s” is packed with intrigue. There are millions of pages and books to be written and read distilling the “it’s” in this phrase, starting with what if God is true; to what if the same power, authority and Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside or you?

What if that’s actually true?

What if it’s true that today as you are reading this, there is nothing that can stop or separate GOD’s love from YOU. NOTHING. You can’t earn Jesus’ love, though I still try all the time. I can’t run Him off with my sins. I can’t stump Him with my questions or rattle Him with my fears. His SPIRIT is IN ME RIGHT NOW with all of the fullness of GOD. There is nothing that I/you lack.

The Easter story is either true, or it’s not. Jesus is either dead, or He is Alive. The question, What if it’s true demands a reckoning; it demands a response. The great philosopher Geddy Lee (Rush) once wrote, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." Once we answer this question everyday, it leads us to then the more personal question:

What if I lived as though it were true?

This is the whole premise for why I believe Jesus keeps waking me up. This is the premise for 10000minutes. If this Jesus and all that He offers is true, what would it look like if we actually practiced it in our lives?

Jesus awake our souls…

This week’s practice:

Breathe In: YOU ARE GOD

Breathe Out: ALIVE IN ME