Breathe In: Love God, Breathe Out: Love Others

What is signified on most of the world’s coin currencies? For the most part, etched on every coin is the core value of that country. So, for USA coins, “In God We Trust” and "E Pluribus Unum" (a Latin phrase that is best translated as, "Out of many, one) are common (FYI: this is not a post to bring back prayer in schools or a rant on how much we do not “trust God” anymore).

If the Kingdom Of God is the main context that Jesus speaks through (which it is), then the Kingdom Of God is what we need to focus on! After all, it’s the only thing that Jesus says is the GOOD NEWS!

Every Kingdom has a currency. Every Kingdom is set up with guiding values and laws that uphold those values. So what core values would be written on a Kingdom Of God coin?

One side of the coin would say LOVE GOD and the other side of the coin would say LOVE OTHERS. Throughout the written Word of God, this is a congruent, guiding principle. Or another way to say it is, The Law in the Kingdom of God is LOVE.

About half of our 10000minutes blogs are written for us to practice loving God and being loved by Him. And the other half is on loving others and being loved by them, and that’s what we are going to focus on for this next season!

So far, I can find 59 times in the New Testament where we are invited to love / bear with / forgive / encourage / kiss / serve... one another. So we are going to practice loving one another! Remember, Jesus said, “If you hear my words and put them into action (all week long), then you’re wise...and if not, you live like a fool.” So that’s just what we are going to do!!!

This week for our 10000minutes practice, we are going to:

Breathe In: I Love You God

Breathe Out: Help Me Love Others

Or even simpler:

Breathe In: Love God

Breathe Out: Love Others

PS. What could you use this week or during this next season to remind yourself to practice this awareness prayer? I still use a sharpie everyday and draw an “X” on my wrist as a reminder. What would help you? Ring, bracelet, sticky note in your car or on your mirror…