Do You Look Like God?

Friends, we can go through another week of blah, blah, same old, same old, or we can jump into an adventure together! What’s it gonna be?

Last week we started our next 10000minutes series on the “One Anothers.” The main invitations Jesus gave us were to love God (and be loved by God), and then in response to that initial love, go and love others. As far as loving one another, we’re given some real practical applications for living it out. This is the place where we either chalk it up to another good Bible story and something we  “already know,” or we put it into practice!

For the next few weeks, we will be practicing Bearing With One Another. There are 2 different meanings to the greek word Ana-chomai (bear with), which is used 15 times in the New Testament.

Ana= Up

Echomai= to hold or lift

YOU are an image bearer of GOD! You bear (hold up) the image of God whether you acknowledge it or not! You and I look like God in many ways in our spirit, character, soul, etc. And, because of the fall, you and I don’t look like Him in other ways. And may we just shout out together that GOD IS NOT DONE WITH US YET!!! He is making us look more and more like Him all the time, especially through trials (Rom 8).

When I affirm you, I am affirming the Image of God that you bear. How cool is that! So as a foundation for us to know how to bear with one another, we need to see one another and ourselves with different eyes. You bear the image of GOD. Let that sink in. Your neighbor is an image bearer of GOD. Let THAT sink in!

One of my friends and heroes, Doug Webster, has challenged the way I see Jesus and His Kingdom simply through the way that he lives. We were at a restaurant, and we watched this waitress serve the table next to us with so much grace, kindness and truth. Let me just say that I would’ve fought these people. I was getting all up in arms over how lame these people were to her; yet, she radiated through it. After they had left (thank you Jesus, cuz I was gonna lose it), my friend Doug affirmed her in the most beautiful way. He said, “I am trying to learn how to practice the principles and teachings of Jesus, and you just showed me a part of what He looks like today! Thank you!”

Now, who knows what her Jesus background was, but regardless, Doug called out who she was made in the image of. I’m not saying we all need to do this, but what if we were more aware of how we ourselves, and the people around us bear the image of God. Let’s not get stuck this week on how we and others do NOT bear the image of God, but on the beautiful images.

This weeks 10000minutes practice is:

Be aware of God’s image in yourself & practice affirming where you see it in one another!

Affirm God’s image in others!

Try it with your kids, co-workers, close relationships, grocery clerk,... You don’t need to be as blatant as Doug (although it might be a great stretch for you), but ask Jesus to show you how and when you should love well this week! Affirm God’s image in others!

Please send us stories!

Bible References for IMAGE BEARING: Genesis 1:26, 27; 5:1, 2, and 9:6