Does God Love Us Too Much?

This could be one of the most powerful understandings that, if lived out, could lead to our souls’ great awakening. YOU ARE LOVED ALL DAY LONG...NO MATTER WHAT:

See what love the Father has lavished on us in letting us be called God's children! For that is what we are. 1 John 3:1

Friends, we could just agree with this Truth and rush past this concept or we could practice it, find Joy and pass it on! There is so much in this verse that blows me away, but the part that I want us to focus on is the word LAVISH.



  1. Bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities upon.

  2. Wasteful; expending without necessity; liberal to a fault.

  3. Wild; unrestrained


These definitions are literally unbelievable when you consider how lavishly we are loved by GOD who calls us His kids. Extravagant, so much so that it’s wasteful, liberal to a fault, unrestrained.

Every time I think about this idea, I think of food. Well really, I think about food all day long regardless, so I guess that’s not saying much:) But I think about a huge buffet with all of my favorite chefs showcasing their latest creations. Every meal has way more than I could ever eat or even fit in my body, yet my Dad (big “D” Dad) invites me in with Jesus and His Spirit, and we party!

That is so extravagant, wasteful, generous to a fault. But this is exactly how God’s love is described for us. He Lavishes His love onto us, His kids!

I am going to be extremely honest right now, and you may not respect me after this...But I don’t always like other people’s kids. I love my nieces and nephews and all of the kids whose families we do life with, but I don’t lavish my love on them either. But my own kids...that’s a whole different story. The same is true for my sister who adopted little Gregory from Haiti. She will get all “mamma bear” up on you, if you mess with her cute little man.

And If a man who sins as much as I do, can love his kids as much as I do, how much more are we loved by God our Father? (Matt 7:11) His love for you today is as constant and extravagant as waves crashing on the same sandy beach. Day after day. Wave after wave. Grace upon grace. LAVISHED.

You wanna know something amazing? The word Lavish is related to the word Prodigal. And the story of the Prodigal Son is really a story of the Father LAVISHing His love on the son. Both were wasteful to a fault, but the beauty is how the Father’s extravagantly wild love for His own son won out. THAT’S WHO YOU ARE TODAY! You are loved by your Father today, who just happens to be GOD!

10000MINUTES Practice:

Breathe In: You Love Me

Breathe Out: No Matter What

All day long!

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